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05-04-2021 at 4:13 PM

C2069 closed May 24th between its junctions with C2241 and Northington Lane


24th May 2021 for up to 5 days

 Reason for restriction: Culvert parapet repair. There is a need to close the highway in the following terms: -

 The effect of this Notice is that no vehicle shall proceed along that part of the highway from its junction with C2241 Ockeridge (BR0350 Boatley Culvert)to its junction with U64002 Northington Lane (BR0350 Boatley Culvert).

 This provision shall continue in force for a maximum of 5 days, however, it is anticipated that it will remain in force for 3 dayscommencing 24 May 2021.

 Alternative routes: - C2069 Sinton Green, C2069 Worlds End, C2068 Moseley Road, C2068 Monkwood Green, C2068 Ockeridge Lane, C2068 Wichenford and vice versa.

 Nothing in this Notice shall prevent at any time access for pedestrians to any premises situated on or adjacent to the highway, or to any other premises accessible for pedestrians from and only from the highway.


21-12-2020 at 11:20 AM

Bird Flu Outbreak Information

21-07-2020 at 2:56 PM

Financial Audit 2019-20




Document attached includes: -

1). 1. AGAR 2019/20 – Certificate of Exemption

2). Annual Audit Report 2019/20

3). Annual Governance Statement 2019/20

4). Accounting Statement 2019/20

5). Notice of Public Rights

6). Local Authority Accounts: Summary of your Rights

To view this document click here.


Should there be any queries or wish to view the accounts please contact:-

Holt Parish Council Clerk

Ms. Caroline Lightfoot

1 Pool Cottages

Holt Heath

Between the hours of 9:00 am tp 5 pm.

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All the information you need to get walking in beautiful Worcestershire

For all you need for wonderful walks around beautiful Worcestershire follow the link below....


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Rural Beat Newsletter Spring 2021

04-02-2021 at 4:41 PM

Consider Postal Voting on the 6th of May 2021

Polling stations will be safe places to vote in May, but there are other ways to vote!

The Police and Crime Commissioner and Worcestershire County Council elections are scheduled to take place on the 6th  May 2021.

Polling stations will be safe places to vote but we would like to encourage anyone who is concerned about attending a polling station to apply for a postal vote. Anyone who is already registered as a postal voter doesn’t need to re-apply and will be send one automatically.

Electors who want to apply for a postal vote can contact the MHDC on 01684 862202 or email 

For further details see the poster here:  Voting Options for Local elections .


21-03-2020 at 10:12 PM

Malvern Hills now a COVID-19 Tier 3 area

19-10-2019 at 12:47 PM

10% of Recycling Collected in Malvern Hills cannot be recycled

Put the right thing in the right bin to help reduce contamination.

By Robert Hale (Malvern Gazette)

Malvern Hills residents are being urged to ensure they put the right thing in the right bin to help reduce the amount of recycling which ends up being lost due to contamination.

Every year, about ten per cent of the content of Malvern Hills District’s green bins has to be sent for incineration instead of being turned in to products.

This is because it either contains too many non-cyclable items or recyclables that have been spoilt by liquids, grease or food waste.

The five most common items Malvern Hills residents incorrectly put into their green bins over the last 12 months were: - clothes or shoes, food waste, household items (including a cheese grater, a toilet brush and a photo frame), nappies, and metal.

Residents can help ensure the entire contents of their green bins end up being sent for recycling, as intended, by following these top tips.

Rinse items and put them in the green bin loose rather than carrier bags.

Only put non-black plastic pots, tubs, bottles and trays in the green bin. Please no other plastic items.

Food waste needs to go in your black bin but try to reduce it by following the tips available at


Only Metal Drink, Food and Aerosol cans should be put into your green bin. Please take other metal items to the household recycling centre.

Don't put unwanted clothing or other fashion accessories in the green bin. Donate them to charity, sell them or pass them onto friends/family or put them into a clothing bank.

What you can or can't recycle click on the entry below:- 

Detailed Guide to Recycling 



All Holt Parish Meetings Temporarily Suspended

Due to the current Covid-19 virus problems all Holt Paris Council Meetings are suspended until September

Holt Village Hall

01-04-2020 at 1:05 PM


Nora Parsons Day Centre AGM



at 7pm. on

Wednesday 7th July 2021




Venn Lane, Wichenford, WR6 6AY


Click here to see the Agenda



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