The Parish of Holt in Worcestershire 

The Parish of Holt.


The Parish of Holt is situated in the Malvern Hills District Council Baldwin Ward, the Parish Council consists of 7 members and a Parish Clerk.

Baldwin Ward consists of the Parishes of Holt Heath, Shrawley and Dunley.

The Council meets 10 times a year on the 3rd Thursday of the month, with no meetings in July and December.

there is a Annual General Meeting held in May on the same day as the Parish Council AGM.

The Chair Person and the Vice Chair Person are re-elected annually at the AGM, the Parish Councillors are elected every 4 years.

Other Information. 


County Councillor.     Mr P Grove.                   email. 

District Councillor.    Mrs P Cummings.           email.

Malvern Hills District Council.    Website:

Worcestershire County Council. Website:


Holt Castle.

Holt Castle.

HOLT Parish Council Members.


Mr P Winney     (Chairman)

Mr P Mobbs    (Vice Chairman

                            & Web admin)

Mr J Bowker     (Councillor)

Ms. G Wotton    (Councillor)

Mr J Harper       (Councillor)

Ms C Johns       (Councillor)

Mr D Pugh         (Councillor)

Mrs C Lightfoot  (Parish Clerk)



 2020 Meeting Dates. 

All meetings are in the Village Hall.


16th January      7.30pm Parish Council.

20th February     7.30pm Parish Council.

19th March         7.30pm Parish Council.

16th April           7.30pm Year end Meeting.

21st May           7.30pm Annual Open Meeting.

18th June           7.30pm Parish Council.

20th August        7.30pm Parish Council.

17th September   7.30pm Parish Council.

15th October       7.30pm Parish Council.

19th November   7.30pm Parish Council.


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